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I don’t really know if I am being nostalgic, influenced by the words of the French rapper « Kery James » too much, or because its preseason time already, but I do feel like addressing a letter to my “public” before we launch the season three !

Yes I know, it might sound arrogant. Anyway, I just wanted to look back at these past three years.
God knows how so many things I have been living since I came back!
Met new people, shared intense moments, worked on various events, interviewed awesome public figures, traveled how so many miles and fell all sort of emotions.


From the little girl, whom used to wearing out her sport shoes by balling on the court 20h a week, to the grownup “Miss Everywhere” dragging her high heels along the courts here and there, what a change!
From working on female and male tournaments, to watching all kind of basketball, soccer, hockey games, and assisting to both national and international events, I can tell I really lived great sportive experiences! But mainly out of the courts.

season three

The beauty of sport is that it gathers a divers public all together. During any sport event, one can eventually meet up not only with the athletes, but also with artists, fans, friends’ of friends, and their friends…
People you end up talking to, laughing, debating with, public figures you are given the chance to interview.
Persons you might advise or help, others offering you to work on their event, each of them, introducing you to new people.
Until you realize that this network of yours is the key to develop your own projects eventually.

I don’t think neither Mike Toti,, aka the Boss, or I would have foreseen what we have accomplished so far.
In 2013, I was celebrating the gold medal won by the male national team during the Euro Basket by my own, back in Brazil.
In 2016, I now watch the Olympic Games taking place in Rio at home with my friends to show genuine support to these French players whom let me tell their stories.
Before I ‘became” a storyteller my life was pretty normal let’s say.
It has been two years since I moved in Paris. The so called “city of love” I am still struggling to fit in, but where everything happens, as it offers so many opportunities.

I do admit I have both trust and memory issues. But just so you know: I haven’t been the one originally in charge of the friends’ requests. Though I do apologize if I did not identify some of you straight away, and I really thank those who recognized me and “olla at me” here and there! A brief aside: Google can translate the name of my chronic as “Vyvie’s crushes”, I know it can be confusing, just don’t take it literally it’s not a Meetic account, lol!

Somewhere between love and hate, bonds and mismatches, exultations and disappointments, successes and lessons, I feel blessed cause I eventually found myself being a part of a large family. The kind I often dreamt of but would not think I could have…  I am well aware I can be passionate and intricate, nice but wild, ever present and miles away, both defensive and naïve, too much of this, not enough of that… I know it can be a lot to deal with, so I am grateful to the people who manage to handle it.


Thank you fam’ for accepting me as I am. For being a part of my “day to day gypsy kind of life” no matter what. God knows how the world can be cold (not to say f***** up) nowadays, so I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation.

I look forward to embracing the upcoming blessings and sharing them with you!
So get ready for that season three 🙂

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